What you need to know about my period 

If you consider this post TMI then that's exactly why you need to read it. Periods are a natural bodily function for half of the world's population so they deserve to be spoken about. Read on for an honest snapshot of my monthly flow!  1. I don't use tampons. I'm nearly 30 and I had … Continue reading What you need to know about my period 

Real women who inspire me

As soon as I typed up this blog post title I realised it was terrible. I need to explain myself. Who are these 'real' women I'm planning to talk about? What makes one woman more real than the next? Am I a real woman? I really did just knock-up this title hoping that people would … Continue reading Real women who inspire me

Running: Mind over matter

About 9 years ago I started running. I went out once or twice, ran maybe a mile, and thought "I can't do this". I am confident now that this is how most people start their relationship with running. Are you telling me that you went out for the first time, ran for thirty minutes and … Continue reading Running: Mind over matter