Tips for losing weight before Christmas

Are you crossing off the days on the calendar for that big night out, Christmas party or new year celebration? Are you overwhelmed with fear that you simply won't fit into the dress you were planning to wear, or distraught at the idea of finding something new to wear to disguise your festive weight gain? … Continue reading Tips for losing weight before Christmas

My week in fitness

Monday - I could feel a cold coming on last weekend, so I stayed home and planned on having a rest - until I found out about the fitness offerings on the new Xbox One! It has a tonne of free content available including an Insanity workout. I've considered buying the DVD box set in the … Continue reading My week in fitness

Dietary analysis: Where am I going wrong?

Have you ever heard of dietary analysis? Neither had I really, until a few weeks ago. Since first trying the Atkins diet about 10 years ago, I have been fascinated with researching and testing out new plans for what to eat in order to lose body fat. Although I have been at a 'comfortable' body … Continue reading Dietary analysis: Where am I going wrong?

Get motivated now!

Are you currently in your third hour of watching YouTube videos? Eating cereal out of the box with your grubby hands? Have you been planning your trip to the gym or your long run for  a few weeks now with no sign of it actually happening? Here are my tips for getting motivated, now:Right a … Continue reading Get motivated now!

My week in fitness

Monday - 10 mins cardio, 20 mins shoulder workout and 30 mins spin class which was amazing! I've never really got into spin but I really enjoyed this class. Will definitely be returning soon. Tuesday - rest Wednesday - Metafit cancelled (so sad about this, genuinely) so did 10 mins HIIT on bike and same … Continue reading My week in fitness