December fitness goals

Most people use December as an excuse to eat junk food, drink excessively and spend way to much time shopping. Personally, I see it as a chance to work even harder before enjoying one or two nights of fun during the Christmas holidays. I also get to enjoy my birthday the week before Christmas, and … Continue reading December fitness goals

Running: Mind over matter

About 9 years ago I started running. I went out once or twice, ran maybe a mile, and thought "I can't do this". I am confident now that this is how most people start their relationship with running. Are you telling me that you went out for the first time, ran for thirty minutes and … Continue reading Running: Mind over matter

Get motivated now!

Are you currently in your third hour of watching YouTube videos? Eating cereal out of the box with your grubby hands? Have you been planning your trip to the gym or your long run for  a few weeks now with no sign of it actually happening? Here are my tips for getting motivated, now:Right a … Continue reading Get motivated now!

Update: August fitness goals completed

It's been a disappointing month for me, as you will read from my update. I have struggled to eat well, train regularly and stay positive about myself in general. Hopefully September will be better. Complete a 9 mile run - Even better, I managed to complete a 10 mile run which has set me up … Continue reading Update: August fitness goals completed

Impromptu racing

My running buddy and I have just signed up last minute for a 10k race next weekend in Paisley. I can't wait to cross the finish line and get that buzz from finishing a race! Once finished I will have just 6 weeks left until I compete in my first ever half marathon (recent updates … Continue reading Impromptu racing

Update: Half-marathon training

  Today I received a reminder email (as if I could forget!) from the lovely people at Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run telling my I have 2 months until I take part in the half marathon. I had worked out the other day that I have 8 weeks left of training, so this didn't … Continue reading Update: Half-marathon training

August fitness goals

I'm loving seeing improvements in my fitness since setting my July goals so now I'm raring to go and set some more challenges for August. Here goes.... Complete a 9 mile run Run a total of 40 miles in August Complete 2 Meta fit classes (rollover goal from last month!) Lose 3 lbs and get … Continue reading August fitness goals

Update: July fitness goals completed!

I thought I better come clean about what goals I completed this month, before I set my new targets for August. So here goes....1. Complete a 7 mile run - I did it! You can read all about it here 2. Go to at least 2 Metafit sessions throughout the month - Fail. I didn't … Continue reading Update: July fitness goals completed!

Longest run to date

After procrastinating for about 10 days I finally completed my longest run of 7 miles last night. This is the longest distance since I completed my first 10k race in May, and feels like a great achievement to me. My last LSD run was about 5.5 miles, so I jumped up quite a bit in … Continue reading Longest run to date