5 easy tricks for people who hate doing cardio

I love fitness, but I must admit I like to pick and choose my favourite parts and I tend to avoid the things I hate. I have recently come to realise after taking part in several races that I was not made to be a runner. I also perform poorly in sports like netball, swimming … Continue reading 5 easy tricks for people who hate doing cardio

December fitness goals

Most people use December as an excuse to eat junk food, drink excessively and spend way to much time shopping. Personally, I see it as a chance to work even harder before enjoying one or two nights of fun during the Christmas holidays. I also get to enjoy my birthday the week before Christmas, and … Continue reading December fitness goals

Get motivated now!

Are you currently in your third hour of watching YouTube videos? Eating cereal out of the box with your grubby hands? Have you been planning your trip to the gym or your long run forĀ  a few weeks now with no sign of it actually happening? Here are my tips for getting motivated, now:Right a … Continue reading Get motivated now!

Monday Motivation: helping others

No one can make you go for a run, eat better and change your life, but people can certainly help. Today I'm going to the gym with my friend to let her try out a spin class. She has just joined the gym and she is really into it and she invited me along to … Continue reading Monday Motivation: helping others

Update: July fitness goals completed!

I thought I better come clean about what goals I completed this month, before I set my new targets for August. So here goes....1. Complete a 7 mile run - I did it! You can read all about it here 2. Go to at least 2 Metafit sessions throughout the month - Fail. I didn't … Continue reading Update: July fitness goals completed!

Longest run to date

After procrastinating for about 10 days I finally completed my longest run of 7 miles last night. This is the longest distance since I completed my first 10k race in May, and feels like a great achievement to me. My last LSD run was about 5.5 miles, so I jumped up quite a bit in … Continue reading Longest run to date

Injured and feeling defeated…

After a positive start to the week (you can read my half-marathon training update here) I woke up on Wednesday with an injured back, and decided not to go to the Metafit class I had booked for that afternoon. I knew I wouldn't physically be able to participate and was worried I would do more … Continue reading Injured and feeling defeated…

Current Favourite Running Music

I'm always looking for new tunes to motivate me whilst I'm running, so thought it would be nice to share the music that is inspiring me right now. I don't regularly buy new music so don't be surprised if you don't see any brand new tracks on this list. I'm happy to listen to anything … Continue reading Current Favourite Running Music