Update: Half-marathon training

  Today I received a reminder email (as if I could forget!) from the lovely people at Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run telling my I have 2 months until I take part in the half marathon. I had worked out the other day that I have 8 weeks left of training, so this didn't … Continue reading Update: Half-marathon training

Speed Running… getting there slowly

 My half-marathon training plan calls for one speed run per week, increasing in length by ten minutes each week. As a reasonably new runner, I find this incredibly hard. My sole concern when I go out is to maintain the ability to 'keep running' until the moment I reach my front door, so I definitely … Continue reading Speed Running… getting there slowly

Today’s workout

I slept in ridiculously late today, knowing full well it was 'long run' day. Alas, when I finally dragged myself out of bed it proved to be a wonderful day to get outdoors and do some running. Here in Scotland sunny weather is unusual so I was pleased to see some of it on my … Continue reading Today’s workout