Update: July fitness goals

  I can't believe July is over, its been such a busy month and I've barely had time to keep the blog updated, so please accept my apologies! With regards to fitness routine, I think I've done well considering I was on holiday for 10 days, and a rest is always helpful as part of … Continue reading Update: July fitness goals

Update: June fitness goals

  My June fitness goals were somewhat modest, and little vague to be honest. But that's how I work sometimes; set me a specific task and I will avoid it at all costs. When I was training for a half marathon I regularly found myself in Body Pump or circuits instead of out logging miles … Continue reading Update: June fitness goals

My not-so-eventful week in fitness

This week has been kind of uneventful on the fitness front so if you're looking for tales of mammoth high intensity sessions in the gym or any sessions in the gym to be honest you've come to the wrong place. However I have had a very active week in general. Every day I haven been … Continue reading My not-so-eventful week in fitness

Quick Moroccan chicken & cous cous

After posting the other day that I was strictly in a vegetarian pasta mood, I was overwhelmed with cravings for something meaty! I had some chicken in the freezer that needed used up (it was to make way for ice cream OK?) so made this Moroccan inspired dish for dinner. I chopped up the chicken … Continue reading Quick Moroccan chicken & cous cous

June fitness goals

  I was feeling positive last month and felt like starting up my 'monthly fitness goals' again. I eased myself in gently with a few general points to work towards and saw some great results. I did lots of stretching and saw marked improvements in my injuries, did some swimming to avoid impact and got … Continue reading June fitness goals

My week in food pics

I have been eating 5 small meals a day, so lots of my meals are for convenience these days. Sometimes just a turkey sandwich or a simple tuna salad is all I need so they haven't necessarily been photograph worthy, sorry guys! My mum made me salmon one night (1) which she served with loads … Continue reading My week in food pics