Update: Half-marathon training

  Today I received a reminder email (as if I could forget!) from the lovely people at Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run telling my I have 2 months until I take part in the half marathon. I had worked out the other day that I have 8 weeks left of training, so this didn't … Continue reading Update: Half-marathon training

Today’s workout

Today's workout was a late one. I regularly go to a Body Pump class at 5.30pm and I find this motivates me to do a little cardio beforehand. As I am currently training for my first half marathon, I need as much practise as I can get. I'm finding it hard to motivate myself to … Continue reading Today’s workout

Easing back into running….

I am so happy I managed to do a short run today after 6 days of injury time! I was planning to take it easy but I ended up doing a 30 minute run followed by 55 mins of Body Pump. I kept all my back and shoulder weights to a minimum and challenged myself … Continue reading Easing back into running….