Running: Mind over matter

About 9 years ago I started running. I went out once or twice, ran maybe a mile, and thought "I can't do this". I am confident now that this is how most people start their relationship with running. Are you telling me that you went out for the first time, ran for thirty minutes and … Continue reading Running: Mind over matter

Update: August fitness goals completed

It's been a disappointing month for me, as you will read from my update. I have struggled to eat well, train regularly and stay positive about myself in general. Hopefully September will be better. Complete a 9 mile run - Even better, I managed to complete a 10 mile run which has set me up … Continue reading Update: August fitness goals completed

Impromptu racing

My running buddy and I have just signed up last minute for a 10k race next weekend in Paisley. I can't wait to cross the finish line and get that buzz from finishing a race! Once finished I will have just 6 weeks left until I compete in my first ever half marathon (recent updates … Continue reading Impromptu racing

Guest Post: How the right running shoes can enhance your performance

I’m of the opinion – and I’m sure that I’m not alone - that when it comes to running, preparation is the best way of ensuring success and achieving the results that you want. Preparation covers a wide array of things, the first and foremost being your physical training. You don’t need me to tell … Continue reading Guest Post: How the right running shoes can enhance your performance

Speed Running… getting there slowly

 My half-marathon training plan calls for one speed run per week, increasing in length by ten minutes each week. As a reasonably new runner, I find this incredibly hard. My sole concern when I go out is to maintain the ability to 'keep running' until the moment I reach my front door, so I definitely … Continue reading Speed Running… getting there slowly

Today’s workout

I slept in ridiculously late today, knowing full well it was 'long run' day. Alas, when I finally dragged myself out of bed it proved to be a wonderful day to get outdoors and do some running. Here in Scotland sunny weather is unusual so I was pleased to see some of it on my … Continue reading Today’s workout

Running on a Fast Day

I am currently in the middle of my first week on the Fast Diet, and about one third of the way through my half marathon training plan. Were the two made to work together? You'd be surprised. Athletes studied during occasional fasting showed no negative changes in relation to speed, power, agility, endurance or passing … Continue reading Running on a Fast Day

Injured and feeling defeated…

After a positive start to the week (you can read my half-marathon training update here) I woke up on Wednesday with an injured back, and decided not to go to the Metafit class I had booked for that afternoon. I knew I wouldn't physically be able to participate and was worried I would do more … Continue reading Injured and feeling defeated…

Update: Half-marathon training

  I thought I better write an update on my half-marathon training, not because any exciting developments have been made, but because I fear people will think I was lying when I said I signed up for it. I am definitely doing the training, I guess I'm just quietly getting on with it and hoping … Continue reading Update: Half-marathon training