5 easy tricks for people who hate doing cardio

I love fitness, but I must admit I like to pick and choose my favourite parts and I tend to avoid the things I hate. I have recently come to realise after taking part in several races that I was not made to be a runner. I also perform poorly in sports like netball, swimming … Continue reading 5 easy tricks for people who hate doing cardio

Gym bag beauty #3: Base products

I've been hammering the gym as usual lately, but also trying out some new beauty products which leads me to this brief rundown of my current go-to base products. I hate putting on a heavy foundation for a workout, and I certainly don't want an expensive one so this new Bourjois CC Cream has been … Continue reading Gym bag beauty #3: Base products

Finding the right exercise for you

  As a self-confessed fitness addict, I often need reminding that most people are not interested in working out. People don't have time to go to the gym, or they HATE the gym. They hate getting sweaty and being around annoyingly fit people who are way too enthusiastic, and simply don't ENJOY the experience. I … Continue reading Finding the right exercise for you

Spring studies, fitness and diet update

I thought I'd do I quick round up of what I've been up to lately. Spring is here and I've been changing up my routine for the better; eating differently, incorporating new workouts and doing some exciting career stuff too. Here's the scoop.... Studies After falling in love with the world of fitness a few … Continue reading Spring studies, fitness and diet update

Update: Half-marathon training

  I thought I better write an update on my half-marathon training, not because any exciting developments have been made, but because I fear people will think I was lying when I said I signed up for it. I am definitely doing the training, I guess I'm just quietly getting on with it and hoping … Continue reading Update: Half-marathon training