5 easy tricks for people who hate doing cardio

I love fitness, but I must admit I like to pick and choose my favourite parts and I tend to avoid the things I hate. I have recently come to realise after taking part in several races that I was not made to be a runner. I also perform poorly in sports like netball, swimming … Continue reading 5 easy tricks for people who hate doing cardio

Update: July fitness goals

  I can't believe July is over, its been such a busy month and I've barely had time to keep the blog updated, so please accept my apologies! With regards to fitness routine, I think I've done well considering I was on holiday for 10 days, and a rest is always helpful as part of … Continue reading Update: July fitness goals

Update: June fitness goals

  My June fitness goals were somewhat modest, and little vague to be honest. But that's how I work sometimes; set me a specific task and I will avoid it at all costs. When I was training for a half marathon I regularly found myself in Body Pump or circuits instead of out logging miles … Continue reading Update: June fitness goals

June fitness goals

  I was feeling positive last month and felt like starting up my 'monthly fitness goals' again. I eased myself in gently with a few general points to work towards and saw some great results. I did lots of stretching and saw marked improvements in my injuries, did some swimming to avoid impact and got … Continue reading June fitness goals

Tips for losing weight before Christmas

Are you crossing off the days on the calendar for that big night out, Christmas party or new year celebration? Are you overwhelmed with fear that you simply won't fit into the dress you were planning to wear, or distraught at the idea of finding something new to wear to disguise your festive weight gain? … Continue reading Tips for losing weight before Christmas

My week in fitness

Monday - I could feel a cold coming on last weekend, so I stayed home and planned on having a rest - until I found out about the fitness offerings on the new Xbox One! It has a tonne of free content available including anĀ Insanity workout. I've considered buying the DVD box set in the … Continue reading My week in fitness