Make blogging enjoyable again with these simple tips

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Lost your love of blogging? Don’t give up just yet, I’ve got you covered with these easy pointers on rekindling your passion…

Forget about your niche

If you have niche then that’s great, and you probably get alot of followers that way because people know exactly what to expect from you content wise. They want information on a certain topic and you consistently deliver; well done! But maybe that’s part of why you get bored easily. Boxing yourself in with a specific niche can feel a little monotonous and doesn’t always do much for those creative juices. You can start to feel like a production line firing out tailor-made content and forgetting to add in your personality like you did when you first started. Take 10 minutes to brainstorm ideas for blog posts that don’t fit your regular niche, allowing anything that comes to mind to be considered. Have you  always wanted to write about your childhood? Your first love? Maybe you want to talk about careers, money, going to university or getting married. You could write about your biggest fears, your favourite designers or the contents of your fridge; whatever makes you feel inspired. I urge you to pick one topic and write a post without thinking about where it’s destined to end up online. Maybe it won’t ever be published on your own blog, you could even pitch it to a website or another blogger who has a niche fitting to display your new masterpiece! 

Stop reading other blogs

It might feel wrong to turn your back on the blogging community that you love so dearly, but it’s a good idea to look elsewhere for inspiration once in a while. Have you ever looked at the amazing array of online magazines available today? My current favourites are Thirty on Tap, The Pool, Unsorry Magazine, The Everygirl and The Reductress and I’m constantly adding more to my list. Sites like these are normally created by a group of freelance contributors some if whom volunteer to write for free because they just love it. These are the kind of writers I love because they have no agenda, no editor to please and no readers to impress. They remind me of why I love writing and how therapeutic it can be to write about something you’re passionate about. Immersing yourself in a large mixing bowl of people like this is a fantastic way to explore new topics and ways of thinking that you can take away and reinterpret on your own blog. 

Put away your laptop

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you sit down at the same desk at the same time every morning, and set yourself up to write about the same topic again and again. Eventually you’ll find yourself staring at a blank screen thinking What the hell do I write about? It’s common to feel like you’ve lost your voice after you’ve been blogging for a while. We get too focused on prouducing the right amount of content with the right keywords, editing images and sharing it all on the right social media outlets and forget about what we really want to say. When I get writer’s block I like to put away my laptop and go out for a walk, keeping my notepad and pen on hand for when I’m ready to write. I let my mind wander into subjects other than the one I’m writing about, and normally after about 40 minutes I stop in a coffee shop and jot down any ideas I have. More often than not I will end up writing the best part of an entire blog post and typing it up later once I’m home. It’s a great way to get a new perspective on what’s going on in my head, and a the coffee always helps too! 

Have you got any tips on enjoying blogging?

One thought on “Make blogging enjoyable again with these simple tips

  1. Yes! I like the idea of exploring the magazines other than sticking to blogs because everywhere, there is something to learn. I also like that bit of writing freely with no limitations of editors and proof readers!

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