Update: July fitness goals


fitness goals I can’t believe July is over, its been such a busy month and I’ve barely had time to keep the blog updated, so please accept my apologies! With regards to fitness routine, I think I’ve done well considering I was on holiday for 10 days, and a rest is always helpful as part of any keep fit plan anyway. Here’s a quick round-up…

  • Stick to my new routine – My new routine was made up for me by my local gym instructor. I’ve been doing it twice a week which has been perfect alongside at least one Metafit session and one Pilates class. I’m enjoying doing a bit more cardio as well as a full-body weights session. I actually can’t wait to get to the 5-6 week mark so I can start a new plan as well. All good here!
  • Improve my stretching – Truth be told I have been a bit scared to use my newly purchased foam roller; it’s just so blimmin’ sore! But as that gathers dust in the cupboard I have been attending Pilates religiously, stretching for 20 minutes after every workout and doing some yoga at home too. Who’d have thought it eh?
  • Squat – I’ve been squatting as part of my gym routine twice a week, but have yet to increase the weight substantially. My quads are pretty firm already and I don’t really want them to get much bigger but I am definitely up for seeing some improvements in the booty area! I’ve been showing up and doing the work so I’m sure I will be able to add on a few kilos to the bar by the end of August.

Did you smash your goals in July?

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