July fitness goals


fitness goals

For most people July is holiday time; lying on a beach eating ice cream and not doing much else. Unfortunately I had my summer holiday in May and am doing a city break to London in a few weeks, so I won’t be seeing any beaches this year. Not to worry, gives me plenty of time to make plans to get next year’s beach body underway whilst the gym is empty! Check out my June goals and progress made in this post. Here’s the plan….

  • Stick to my new routine – OK I’m not really one for a ‘routine’ as such, but I have had a new gym programme made up and I’m hoping to do that twice a week to compliment the classes I go to. I really enjoy Metafit so I’d much rather to that than try to burn 500 calories in the gym which would probably take me the best part of an hour. So I’m going to get my Metafit fix twice a week, do my new weights/cardio gym session twice and also do Pilates once a week for good measure.
  • Improve my stretching – Yes, I’m obsessed with stretching now. But the pain I’ve experienced as a result of not stretching has put the fear into me, and I can’t handle the thought of being unable to exercise in the future because of injuries I could have prevented by properly warming up and stretching effectively. I’m planning on using the Power Plate to do more intense stretching as well as use my new foam roller to do some massage too.
  • Squat – I know I will squat between now and the end of July – a girl has to go to the bathroom don’t you know – but I’m aiming to really squat twice a week. At the moment I can do 26 kilo on the max rack (for 3 sets of 10) but I know I can improve on that quite quickly. I don’t have a figure in mind (apart from my own better looking butt) I just want the weight to increase. I can’t wait to get stuck in!

What are your goals for July?

2 thoughts on “July fitness goals

  1. You’re totally inspiring me to get back on my squatting game…who doesn’t want a better lookin’ booty? 🙂

    I just started lifting (after giving a shot on and off for MONTHS!) and I’m so pleased with how awesome you feel afterwards! I’m hoping to keep that up two to three times a week as well as running three times a week and a yoga session whenever I’m feeling it (which is basically everyday, totally in love with yoga at the moment).

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