December fitness goals

fitness goals

Most people use December as an excuse to eat junk food, drink excessively and spend way to much time shopping. Personally, I see it as a chance to work even harder before enjoying one or two nights of fun during the Christmas holidays. I also get to enjoy my birthday the week before Christmas, and I hate the thought of not feeling my best during celebrations like that. I have had too many bad experiences where I spend the summer months losing weight only to gain it all back in the month of December. Not this time! Here are my fitness goals this month:

1. Get back into running, just for fun. Try and do 2 outdoor runs of any distance

2. Do at least one gym session per week, not just fitness classes

3. Try 2 new workouts on the new Xbox fitness section (loads of free content available!)

4. Increase tricep weights in Body Pump class

5. Maintain my current weight until January

There, now I’ve got that down in print there are no excuses. Let’s do this!

What are your December fitness goals?

8 thoughts on “December fitness goals

    1. Thanks, just read your goals- 100 miles! Good luck! When I was training for a half I think my best was 40… Shameful compared to urs.

      Goal setting is just fun, it’s stops me from getting stuck in the same routine and not working hard enough 🙂

  1. I can’t agree with you more about feeling like having to work harder in December! I’ve also got a December birthday so I always try to make sure that I am on top of everything so I won’t feel as guilty when I undoubtedly eat more cake then I plan to…oops! This month I’m just finishing up my half marathon training (it’s on January 19th! Eek!) and doing more strength training than I think I have ever done before (I’m following Blogilates on YouTube).

    Good luck on your goals! I love that you make such realistic goals, definitely an inspiration as I tend to go overboard and then feel awful when I can’t complete them!

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