Update: August fitness goals completed

It’s been a disappointing month for me, as you will read from my update. I have struggled to eat well, train regularly and stay positive about myself in general. Hopefully September will be better.

  1. Complete a 9 mile run – Even better, I managed to complete a 10 mile run which has set me up well to start the taper into my first half marathon
  2. Run a total of 40 miles in August – Not a chance! Due to serious injury I had to take about 10 days off to rest completely. I reached just under 30 miles.
  3. Complete 2 Meta fit classes (rollover goal from last month!) – Nope. Don’t know why I find it so hard to attend these classes! Might have to just admit defeat on this one.
  4. Lose 3 lbs and get to next goal weight of 151 lbs – Again, due to injury I had a bad month with regards to eating. I have been focusing on training instead of diet which is bad but its just how I’ve been feeling this month. If anything I’ve gained a few pounds.
  5. Improve average running speed (currently 11.30 minute mile) – I had 2 speed sessions this month where I managed to get my average speed under 11 minutes, but my long runs are still pretty slow.



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