Update: Half-marathon training

1083528_10153044803975338_877892379_o  Today I received a reminder email (as if I could forget!) from the lovely people at Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run telling my I have 2 months until I take part in the half marathon. I had worked out the other day that I have 8 weeks left of training, so this didn’t come as too much of a surprise, although I think the ‘weeks’ sounds much closer than the months! I have had a good little motivation boost over the last few weeks and am feeling a bit more positive about the experience. Talking to the lovely Leanne via her blog has also been helpful, and I’m pleased to say she completed her first half marathon on Monday.






Anyway here are some figures for the people who like stats to browse over:

Total distance July: 30.7miles

Average pace: 12.18 minute/mile

Fastest mile: 10.32 minutes

Longest run: 1 hour 34 minutes

Farthest run: 7.03 miles

Mind over matter has definitely been my mantra this month. I have tried hard to push myself when I want to stop, by reminding myself that pain is temporary, and that the pain I feel when running isn’t really that bad, just mild discomfort. I also remind myself how quick my recovery time is, and that if I stop short I will regret it after about 3 minutes when I realise I could have gone another mile quite easily.

My favourite moment has been completing my farthest run to date of 7 miles. I went out expecting to fail so I was strangely surprised when I completed it comfortably. I have also found a running buddy who is completing the same race as me and we have been out running in the city. She runs much faster than me so it was a bit of a challenge to complete the 6 miles but we did it with lots of walking breaks. I’m hoping she can help me get my pace up a bit as I feel a little slow at the moment.

My next target is to run 9 miles, which leads me into September with 4 weeks left to break the 10 mile mark. Wow I can’t believe I’m even typing these words! Are any of you training for a half? All tips welcome!


13 thoughts on “Update: Half-marathon training

  1. I have 23 days to go to my first half but have been in a walking boot for the past 5 weeks due to stress fractures. I have just kept following my training schedule on the elliptical, bike, and in the pool. I was planning on doing a run/walk schedule my first time, so I guess I will reverse it to a walk/run schedule. I’m sure my time will be nothing to brag about, but my second half is in October so I will just keep training for that. I’ve heard if you can get to 10 miles, your adrenaline will carry you through the rest. Good luck.

    1. Oh no! That’s awful about your foot. Are the doctors saying its ok for you to run? It’s good that you are motivated to hit the pool and the gym, it must be frustrating not being able to run when you know you have an upcoming race. Thanks for reading x

  2. Like Linda said, keep following the program. At this point I wouldn’t start something new. Keep gradually increasing your mileage and ensure you get enough rest.

      1. I did a long run once a week for most of the weeks. Did 16k (9mi) the week before. In hindsight, should’ve done a lot more long ones so I reckon you’re well on track! Only back to the gym today, so had a week off, could’ve started back around 4 days after it but I got a little lazy 😉

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