Update: July fitness goals completed!

I thought I better come clean about what goals I completed this month, before I set my new targets for August. So here goes….

1. Complete a 7 mile run – I did it! You can read all about it here

2. Go to at least 2 Metafit sessions throughout the month – Fail. I didn’t even manage one.

3. Do a short core workout at home at least 5 times a week – I stuck to this a few times a week but got a bit bored towards the end. You can read my workout at the bottom of this post.

4. Find some new routes for running, ideally with some nice scenery – Success! I found some scenic routes around my hometown and yesterday went city running with a friend.

5. Increase bicep weights in Body Pump class – I did increase my weights to a total of 12kilo but still need to work on completing the track with correct form. Onwards and upwards!

Its amazing how these small improvements rack up when you make a plan. I can’t wait to set my August goals. Who’s with me?



6 thoughts on “Update: July fitness goals completed!

  1. Good job on your goals! I’ve signed up for the Great Scottish Run 10k in October. I suck so bad at running but reading your blog and seeing your progress has been really encouraging!



    1. Thank you, glad that I’m helping in some way. I am doing the half marathon in Glasgow on the same day in October! Get training slowly increasing your mileage and be careful not to do too much. Have fun!

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