August fitness goals

I’m loving seeing improvements in my fitness since setting my July goals so now I’m raring to go and set some more challenges for August. Here goes….

  1. Complete a 9 mile run
  2. Run a total of 40 miles in August
  3. Complete 2 Meta fit classes (rollover goal from last month!)
  4. Lose 3 lbs and get to next goal weight of 151 lbs
  5. Improve average running speed (currently 11.30 minute mile)

Glad I got all that down in print, now to get the wheels in motion. Lets do this!



6 thoughts on “August fitness goals

  1. Just thought I’d congratulate you on your longest run ever! Must feel pretty great 🙂 can’t believe you’re going to push it up another 2 miles this month but best of luck. Also wanted to say, you’re blog is terrifically motivational! I’ve started running again for the first time since my broken foot so I’ll be setting my own goals for this month and definitely checking back in on your blog for inspiration 🙂 keep it up! x

    1. Thank you! I only have 8 weeks til I attempt my first half marathon so I really need to hit the 10 mile mark soon! It’s amazing what you can do when you set targets and deadlines. You be careful on that foot! X

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