Longest run to date


After procrastinating for about 10 days I finally completed my longest run of 7 miles last night. This is the longest distance since I completed my first 10k race in May, and feels like a great achievement to me. My last LSD run was about 5.5 miles, so I jumped up quite a bit in distance, but this is what the training plan suggested so I went with it! As usual the first 20 minutes were a killer, I was panting and sweating and asking myself how I’d get to the 30 minute mark, never mind the 60 minute and then some to come. After the first steep hill, my route took a U-turn; aaaah of course! The sweet pleasure of running down the hill you have just scaled should not be underestimated. This was a good mental boost for me.

I tackled a couple of other hills, knowing speed wasn’t a target I just enjoyed the challenge and walked to recover for 10-15 seconds afterwards. The final mile was the toughest, I felt like I was dragging my legs through custard for some of it. The pavements were bumpy and I don’t know how I managed to stumble and hobble my way along without tripping over and twisting an ankle. Safe to say my calves are tight today and my legs are aching all over, but that’s what I call a success!

Roll on 8 miles next week. Half marathon here we come!



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